Friday, February 17, 2012

Raw honey doesn't grow on the vine - Organic Honey?

Are you one of those.... stock-your-house-with-all-and-only-organic-products types of people?  Are you wondering why raw honey isn't always labeled as "organic"?  

It's nothing to stress about.  Our product is almost 100% organic (we think!!).  But we don't live in the mind of the little precious honey bee.  What if one little bee traveled over to the neighbor's yard and pollenated their pesticide-sprayed plants?  We just can't guarantee that hasn't happened.

However, we can guarantee that our hives are located in fields of non-sprayed plants, and that we do not add a single drop of nothin' to our honey.  In short, you are almost guaranteed that you are buying 100% organic raw honey from My Local Honey Co.  

Now you know!!

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